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  • - AUDIO SERIES - You MUST first attend an Orientation weekend in Grand Marais

    Pre-requisite for this Next Step "LIVE" Audio Class Series: 

    You must have completed the Galactic Station Orientation Weekend. 

    If you have a Disc... then you are welcome to participate!

    After your Grand Marais weekend Orientation Class into the Galactic Receiver Station you may be asking, “What is my next step?”

    I have been given a clear direction forward from here. You are being offered a series of six  online audio classes to support you in your ongoing work with your Galactic Beings and within the Gateway links. 

    Each audio online class is channeled directly from the Gateway and Receiver Station energy to bring to you expanded experiences within each class. These classes are designed to continue your individual preparation for a full conscious re-entry to the Galactic community and Universal community. They are also designed to realign you to your powerful multidimensional higher, functioning Self.

    Each class will be one hour in length. You will receive a guided process bringing to you an enlivened energy force for you to unfold further on your individual path. Each audio will be available for you to further expand within these guided, channeled processes.

    I would recommend listening to each audio class more than once, as there are unlimited levels to receive with each process. You can spend one month working with each class before moving onto the next class.

    NOTE: In the first class the quality of the recording isn't the best. There are external noises, people on the call were not muted, etc. You do receive the full Transmission from the Pleiadians during the process. In the other classes these issues were fixed.

    Cost:  $129.00

    • $129.00